Recruit an army of praying people

In his book Deepening Your Conversation with God, Ben Patterson observes: prayer is the work and ministry is the fruit. He’s right. Praying is hard work, especially when you dig into Scripture and use God’s revealed will and reputation to advocate for others. Never underestimate God’s role in your work with students. As R. A. Torrey writes in How to Pray:

We live in a day characterized by the multiplication of man’s machinery and the diminution of God’s power. The great cry of our day is work, work, work, new organizations, new methods, new machinery; the great need of our day is prayer.

This is an area you’ll want help with. Enlist others within your church to pray for students. One way to make this happen is to let the students pull it together. Find those who do photography, graphic design, and administration, and have them catalog everyone in your group. Gather names, photos, schools, years of graduation, or whatever you think helpful. (Digital cameras and computers make this easy.) Then they can print fliers or prayer cards (think baseball cards) for each student.

Your job is to discover who does the praying in your church. Whether it’s the elders and deacons, women’s Bible study, parents, retired people, or missions team — learn who does the heavy lifting and make sure they get the cards. If you have more cards than people, give everyone a handful. And don’t hesitate to have more than one person praying for each student.

If you don’t know who the praying people are, ask God to reveal them to you. He will. It may turn out to be people with only nominal interest — which means you can ramp them up slowly. I engage beginners with general requests to get them on the team and set them afire. The more diligence a person shows, the weightier the challenges I ask them to tackle. And it’s important to have a few veterans you can trust with confidential matters and spiritual warfare issues.

God is good. Take a stab at this and He will help you find someone to pray for your students. His heart is always for the next generation.

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