The goal

When a person becomes a Christian, what is that person becoming?

A saved person? Someone who was facing hell on account of sin, but is now bound for heaven? If “becoming a Christian” means becoming a saved person, what distinguishes a saved person from an unsaved person? Would you be able to tell the difference if you met both?

How else would you explain what a new Christian is becoming? A disciple? Someone who studies Jesus and learns to be like Him? If so, what distinguishes a person as a disciple?

Is there some other way to describe what “becoming a Christian” is becoming?

Fast-forward ten years. Will the saved person stand out in a discernible way from an unsaved person with similar background and abilities? How would you describe the difference you would expect to see?

It’s important to clarify our thinking about this, both for ourselves and for those we lead. Perhaps the best thing to do is to explore the life of Jesus Christ and see what He is like. Since being a “Christian” is being a person who follows Christ, let’s follow Him through the Gospels to learn who we should be and what our influence on others should look like.

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