The most important way to use your influence

Let’s say you have twenty people under your care. You’re their shepherd — the person “keeping watch over their souls.” You get them for a season, and one day you’ll stand before their Lord to give an account of your shepherding. What should you do?

If it were me, I’d want to show them how to follow Jesus . . . by example. So here’s what I’m going to do. Step by step, I’m going to walk chronologically* through the Gospels. Everything I learn, whether about Him or from Him, will shape the person I become and the influence I wield.

There’s one more thing. Learning to follow Jesus is not a mental exercise. To know Him is to love Him, and love has a way of changing one’s life.


*Here’s the Bible I’ll be using to walk me chronologically through His life, and here’s the record of my journey.