Following Jesus • 38 / Following Jesus is simple

Read This: John 2:1-11

Following Jesus may take effort. The servants in this story filled six large pots with 180 gallons of water. That’s hard work. But the idea is simple. As Mary said, “Do whatever He tells you.”

For their trouble, those servants experienced something supernatural, firsthand. All that water became all that wine. The headwaiter was amazed, the groom was relieved, and the disciples believed.

From the stories I’ve read about people learning to follow Jesus, the experience of those servants isn’t uncommon. I’m thinking of God’s Smuggler, J. Hudson Taylor, George Muller, Lords of the Earth, Rosalind Goforth, and many others.

Jesus used the people and resources close at hand to glorify God and bless others. Servants, water, and pots. Plus, Mary’s insistent “prayer” on behalf of her friends.

He will use us as we follow Him.