My friends and I used to crouch beside my dad’s giant Wharfedale speakers, ears poised to catch every nuance of the music. Compared to our transistor radios, those speakers were like being on stage. That’s why I remember hearing Johnny Cash perform San Quentin live, right there at the prison. The song was a diatribe, and the […]

My grandparents collected beach glass. It’s what old people do for lack of purpose, thought my late-twenties self. (Though, to be fair, I did envy their shark’s teeth collection.) Over time, I realized their glass gathering was an evening unwind after their work was finished. They spent their days volunteering, praying for church and family matters, […]

People leave. They leave marriages, families, churches, communities, and companies. Leaving can be innate, as when birds leave nests. It can be natural, as in leaving town for a new job elsewhere. It can even be necessary. Dangers, deprivations, and emergencies insist. But just as often, leaving reveals brokenness. Something isn’t working, so we leave. […]