People leave. They leave marriages, families, churches, communities, and companies. Leaving can be innate, as when birds leave nests. It can be natural, as in leaving town for a new job elsewhere. It can even be necessary. Dangers, deprivations, and emergencies insist. But just as often, leaving reveals brokenness. Something isn’t working, so we leave. […]

It’s said that friends make the best enemies — especially when there are three of them. Triangulation is great for navigation but terrible in relationships. All it takes is one friend “confiding” to another about a third. A delicate stack of dishes, easily toppled! Which is where the beauty comes in. There’s nothing so human […]

Sometimes dads remarry because their wives die while the kids are young. We learned of three such situations recently, and none of the new stepmoms had prior experience being moms. The first new mom was the victim of a cheating husband in her previous marriage. She views the kids’ first mom as a competitor vying […]