On the cover of The End of Suffering, by Scott Cairns, is a quote that goes like this: The extreme greatness of Christianity lies in the fact that it does not seek a supernatural remedy for suffering, but a supernatural use for it. — Simone Weil There’s an ocean of truth in that statement, and […]

Abraham, walking for three straight days to reach the place where his son would die. Three days with nothing to do but think about losing his son, whom he loved (Genesis 22). Jesus, the Messiah, seized, tortured, and killed by His enemies. Loved by His Father. Dead, buried, and gone (John 18-19). The burdens we […]

I know a college student who went extreme. After countless lessons on faith in action he left the country. First to South Africa and Mozambique, where he spent his summer playing soccer and sharing Christ. Several young men came to faith during his visit, but after he left (to attend Moody Bible Institute in the […]