We all present, whether in meetings, explanations, or conversations. Each time we present, we’re wielding influence. Here are seven ways to strengthen your influence. 1. Know your stuff. The meaning, reasons, details, background, challenges, exceptions, and weaknesses. You don’t have to share it all, but you should know it. Uncertainty voids authority, and you can’t […]

The greatest challenge with wielding influence is getting out of the way. Whether I’m writing, teaching, or praying, my focus often drifts back to me — and I am not the point. Brett Lott references this theme in Letters & Life, his slim volume on being a writer: I saw, suddenly and fully, that a story was about the […]

Maturity is about hitting stride. Writers mature as they develop their voice, honor the reader, and deliver the goods. It’s not about complexity or creative energy. Such things are add-ons. Maturity is about being complete. It’s the essence of what was meant to be. So — what does spiritual maturity look like? How is it distinct from the wisdom of age, experience, […]

Let’s say we’re opposites. Faith, politics, morality, lifestyle. Does that make us opponents? I doubt it. I heard from three outspoken souls last week. Two shared my convictions; the other did not. Here’s what happened: — One ranted. — One criticized. — One engaged my interest and made me think. Even though we disagree. Our convictions don’t polarize us. […]

I sat in a meeting yesterday with three faculty members from Moody Bible Institute. We were exploring a complex, divisive issue. Each spoke with clarity, grace, and respect, and I felt privileged to partner with such fine and distinguished men. They left the room towering figures in my book.