Last week a student said she really enjoys one of our leaders. Why? “Because he doesn’t treat me like I’m stupid.” We asked what she meant. “When I don’t know something, he doesn’t look at me like there’s something wrong with me. He doesn’t skrinch his eyebrows and say, ‘you don’t know that?’ He just […]

We once had a student who never smiled. Ever. A barrier or an opportunity? If our goal is “a smile by the end of today’s session,” we’ll be disappointed. Most things take time. Seeds to trees, babies to adults, first pages to finished manuscripts. A frowning student in September can be a healthier person by […]

The most recent edition of Immerse, a bimonthly journal for youthworkers, features a thoughtful piece* on churches that attract and retain students. The author, Christy Lang, cites several research papers and presents findings both surprising and useful. Here are three samples from her article: Drawing on developmental theory, Lytch notes that adolescents have particular needs […]