Following Jesus • 40 / Homecoming and housecleaning

Read This: John 2:13-22 When He was twelve, Jesus spent the Passover in Jerusalem with His family. They went every year, but His twelfth year visit was noteworthy. When everyone else left for home, Jesus stayed behind. It took several days of frantic searching before Mary and Joseph found Him. He was in the templeContinue reading “Following Jesus • 40 / Homecoming and housecleaning”

Following Jesus • 39 / Jesus makes a key decision

Read This: John 2:12 Tucked between Jesus’ first miracle and His three years of public life is a quiet verse rarely addressed in commentaries. Jesus, with His family and disciples, stayed in Capernaum for a few days. This quick trip signals Jesus making a decision. After thirty years of living at home in Nazareth, JesusContinue reading “Following Jesus • 39 / Jesus makes a key decision”

Following Jesus • 38 / Following Jesus is simple

Read This: John 2:1-11 Following Jesus may take effort. The servants in this story filled six large pots with 180 gallons of water. That’s hard work. But the idea is simple. As Mary said, “Do whatever He tells you.” For their trouble, those servants experienced something supernatural, firsthand. All that water became all that wine. TheContinue reading “Following Jesus • 38 / Following Jesus is simple”

Following Jesus • 37 / There’s no better person to follow

Read This: John 2:1-11 Now we’re moving into the story. Jesus, fresh from His baptism and temptations, is attending a wedding. His mother, siblings, and disciples are there, and they’re not merely guests. Mary feels some ownership, whether as a concerned friend or in a hostessing role we’re not told. But when the wine runsContinue reading “Following Jesus • 37 / There’s no better person to follow”

Following Jesus • 36 / Followers are intentional

Read This: John 1:35-51 At first glance, the men in this story (Andrew, John, Peter, Philip, and Nathanael) seem to follow Jesus suddenly. He appears and they follow. Was that the case? Becoming a disciple was not a trifle. They were committing themselves to a life change. Why did they respond so quickly? Because theyContinue reading “Following Jesus • 36 / Followers are intentional”