Following Jesus • 44 / A question of kingdoms

Read This: John 3:1-8 Nicodemus: We know that you have come from God. Jesus: Unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Like all devout Jews, Nicodemus was seeking the kingdom of God. Scripture pointed to a God-anointed leader, like David, restoring the kingdom to Israel. Since God was with Jesus,Continue reading “Following Jesus • 44 / A question of kingdoms”

Following Jesus • 43 / Answering the right question

Read This: John 3:1-3 A non-sequitur is a statement that doesn’t logically follow from the previous statement. Nicodemus wouldn’t have come to Jesus if he wasn’t looking for something. He was trying to understand who Jesus was. God must have sent him because he’s doing things only God can do. “Acts of God” were nothingContinue reading “Following Jesus • 43 / Answering the right question”

Following Jesus • 42 / Acting on belief

Read This: John 3:1-2 Jesus’ upending of the temple bazaar produced results. Many took note of what He did and believed what He said — including Nicodemus, a national leader. Not just a religious leader, he was a member of the elite group who ruled the nation. Nicodemus didn’t approach Jesus in the temple. HeContinue reading “Following Jesus • 42 / Acting on belief”

Following Jesus • 41 / Belief and trust

Read This: John 2:23-25 So much hangs on belief. From substantive decisions to daily choices, what we believe shapes our seventy years — and the people following in our wake. The question is, what shapes our belief? Ideally, it’s rooted in careful study, reliable testimony, or first-hand experience. Yet, we’re relational and emotional creatures. Many ofContinue reading “Following Jesus • 41 / Belief and trust”