Making a difference

The Pentagon ordered new trucks.

Base price: $437,000. Comfortably equipped (weapons, stealth paint, etc.): $1 million.

Not long ago, the government shipped 5,000 of these to make a difference in another country. Simple math puts that at $5 billion.

Let’s say you had $5 billion to spend on making a difference in another country. How would you spend it?

That’s really two questions wrapped into one. First, what “making a difference” means to you. Then, how you’d use money to make it happen. Here’s how someone I know answered this question:

  1. Find 10,000 young people who wanted to serve Christ in that country.
  2. Send them to college for equipping (e.g., nursing, engineering, education, aviation, agriculture, pastoring, church planting, etc.).
  3. Invest the balance as an endowment to sponsor their first five years of living there, or until they became self-sustaining.
  4. Enlist 100 churches to pray for them and their work, every day, for the next ten years.

Perhaps you don’t currently have $5 billion to invest. No matter. You still have ideas, convictions, influence, and access to the One who owns all things. Never underestimate the potential of consequential vision.

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