The 51% rule

Perfectionism is tyranny. A prison.

Francis Schaeffer observed that life can’t be measured by giant leaps and sudden progress. Forward motion can only be measured in steady steps. Why? 1) We can control them. 2) We can visualize them. 3) They generate less fear.

This is a good reminder as we consider the resolutions we’ve made — and the people we invest in.

Pretend one of your goals for the year is to write a book. You love the idea, though you’ve never attempted it. Where to begin? It’s not likely you’ll dash off ninety thousand words after supper. But you can “choose a topic” or “buy a pen.”

If you can picture a 51% chance of achieving today’s piece of the goal, you can achieve the whole thing.

A friend resolved to pray for all the people in the church directory. He photocopied all the pages, stapled and folded them into the back of his Bible. Think he’ll pray for them all every day?

His wife wrote their names on individual index cards so she can carry one around each day and pray for that person. Think that’ll happen? (Me too.)

Review the “faith” goals you’ve set for this year. Are you 51% convinced you can achieve them? If not, they’re too cumbersome. Break them up and make them happen.