Seven Things I’ve Learned About Doing Right (from Psalm 15)

Not everything done in God’s name brings Him glory. According to King David, author of Psalm 15, genuinely godly people* . . .

(1) Walk with integrity.

(2) Do what is right and just.

(3) Tell the truth.

(4) Don’t slander, do evil to a neighbor, or take up a reproach against a friend.

(5) Have no part in what is vile, but give honor to what is good.

(6) Keep their word even when it hurts.

(7) Don’t take advantage of others or take bribes against the innocent.

* And when they fail, as we all do, they appeal to God’s mercy (see 1 John 1:9).

Published by Paul Santhouse

I’m a husband and father, follower of Jesus Christ, and member of the Moody Publishers team. I've worked with gifted authors and their books for thirty-plus years, and I believe the local church is where we become the kind of people who reveal what Jesus is like. Since this is my personal blog, the views and opinions expressed herein are my own, not those of my employer. However — books, publishing, the work of the church, and learning to follow Jesus are central to my daily experience, so that's what this blog is about. Thanks for visiting! Paul

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