Why tough decisions matter

We just moved from a house to an apartment. Our living space dropped by sixty percent, and we lost our yard, garage, and basement. We had to get rid of most of our stuff.

Painful as that was, it was life-changing. Now our lives are more relational and agile.

I recently watched some friends walk through this at work. Their business, built on lean means and slim margins, faced a sudden loss and needed to shrink. Sobered, they asked God for wisdom and watched for His leading. No rancor, whining, or self-interest.

Yet, their crisis persisted. Their sacrifices weren’t enough. More was required.

That’s when fatigue can set in, along with regrettable choices. But one of them suggested reviewing their values — which led to a strategic switch from loss to gain. Just like that.

At the end of the day, their team is stronger, they triumphed together, and they witnessed God’s “wisdom and whatever He thought best” from front row seats.

Tough times can be rich. Return to your values, stick together, and petition the One who is wise.