Following Jesus • 21 / Power, Religion, and Wisdom

Read This: Matthew 2:1-12

Local news is interesting, but international events grab everyone’s attention. Especially the birth of a king.

The magi were waiting for a world ruler to come from Judea. When His star finally appeared they immediately set out to meet Him. To them — as to Simeon (see Day 17) — the coming of this King was major news.

Imagine their surprise when they arrived in Jerusalem — and no one knew what they were talking about! God’s worldwide news hadn’t even made the local headlines in the King’s own country.

However, when Herod heard about their quest he immediately grasped their meaning. The Messiah had arrived. Without delay he gathered the religious leaders and asked where the Messiah was to be born.

The religious leaders were priests and lawyers. They provided both spiritual and political leadership for the nation. With the arrival of the magi, God alerted the entire group of them that the Messiah had finally arrived. This was the One who would step in to rule and shepherd their nation. Rule, as in sovereign leadership, and shepherd, as in providing for their needs (see Psalm 23 and Ezekiel 34).

Big news, right? Not to Herod. He saw the Messiah as a competitor and usurper. Nor to the religious leaders. Their indifference at Jesus’ arrival grew into fierce opposition once He became a public figure.

The wise men found Jesus and worshiped Him. They acknowledged His royalty, deity, and future sacrifice with lavish gifts. The religious leaders ignored Jesus, even though it was their job to “await His arrival.” And the political leadership sought to destroy Him.

When it’s your turn to know Jesus, respond with wisdom.

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