I’m glad I read this

As a publishing person, I read books for a living. Great books.

Last Thursday I carried a stack of them into a meeting and revealed that each one was an author’s “life message.” The fruit of careful study and decades of experience. Masterpieces and treasures.

Not everything I read was written for me. Often I read through the lens of whoever the book was written for. This is especially useful when reading across worldviews.

With the exception of fiction, which I read for pleasure (less often than I should), much of my extra-curricular reading is to learn something. I’m fascinated by history and biography, and curious about how things work.

Other than when I’m reviewing manuscripts, I don’t read like a book reviewer. If I’m still reading at page twenty, I’m beyond paying attention to structure, prose, or pedagogical style. I’m along for the ride. Consequently, when I discuss books on this blog, I’m neither writing book reviews or summarizing. Book summaries are useful, but only if you don’t want to read the book. Can you imagine a publishing person helping you not read a book? Me either.

When I write about a book, I’m sharing what I liked or learned. How it informed my life. And how it might benefit yours as well.

I’m glad I read this. Here’s why . . .