Lust may deliver the kick of afterburners, but that doesn’t mean we’re automatic victims. Many men choose instead to harness their passions to applied righteousness. Here are several proven approaches for defeating monstrous temptations. 1. Work on your WANTER. It comes down to what you want, so pray frequently to want what’s right. The man […]

I sat in a classroom filled with students yesterday. The missionary up front was telling tales from his work in the Middle East. God doing miracles and people discovering Christ. I was spellbound. So spellbound that I didn’t realize someone was trying to get into the room, but the door was locked. Noting my lack […]

I like cake. I eat it all the time. I create opportunities to eat it. I eat so much I feel unhealthy. My clothes don’t fit. I tell myself I shouldn’t eat so much cake. Then I wake up hungry. I try to resist. When I think of it. Sometimes. I’m overweight and unhealthy. I […]

A letter from a former student, now in the workplace . . . May I tell you about my life? I am surrounded by people, especially when I work days. There are guys everywhere, and they all want one thing. Sex. They brush past me, lightly touching some part of my body, neither by accident […]

We were at the table last night watching our son. Over the past year he got massive. As in better not arm wrestle him anymore. How did that happen? Well, he went to college, lifted weights all year, and got strong. That’s how life works. You lift, study, train, practice, or whatever, and develop strength. […]