You’re overseas, serving Christ in a dangerous place. Radicals hear about you. The penalty for naming Christ is grim. They make an example of you. One day, when you’re not expecting it, you “disappear.” At least to your family, friends, co-laborers, and people back in the States. Your version is less mysterious. You’re snatched, blindfolded, […]

The older you get, the more often you’ll be asked for “life wisdom” advice. Here are five “waypoints” I’ve collected that stand the test of time: 1. It’s better to be than to seem Be honest with yourself and don’t pose for others. Authenticity brings strength and clarity to life and relationships. 2. Love is […]

Some kids ask questions that spike your blood pressure. They’re not safe. They want to know what’s behind the curtain. Keep your eye on those students. Pray for them and get to know them. Discover the special gifting that makes them tick. Why? You could be looking at untamed strength. Raw leadership. Here’s a good […]

God is bringing history to an end — no surprise to Bible readers. Though good and evil now coexist, all things will crescendo with Jesus Christ crowned King of kings and Lord of lords. It’s already in the works. Meanwhile, there is tension. Tension will be with us until Christ is fully formed within us […]

Marriage is a deep ocean and a wealth of treasure. There is love. Fidelity and sacrifice. Commitment, forgiveness, and grace. And pleasure. In marriage you learn the mystery of Christ and His bride. Any man who embraces the biblical teachings, examples, and imagery regarding marriage will experience life-change. Marriage is not entertainment. It’s transformation. Want […]