People leave. They leave marriages, families, churches, communities, and companies. Leaving can be innate, as when birds leave nests. It can be natural, as in leaving town for a new job elsewhere. It can even be necessary. Dangers, deprivations, and emergencies insist. But just as often, leaving reveals brokenness. Something isn’t working, so we leave. […]

On this day last year, after 63 years of marriage, my dad kissed his high school sweetheart goodbye. By the kindness of God, Beck and I were there — it was the final day of our annual visit. The three of us kissed her one last time, gathered her things, and drove home. When we got there, Dad found a […]

Camelback Mountain, in Phoenix, boasts a rigorous hike with a glorious view. It fits easily between breakfast and lunch, and if you’re in the habit of brisk walks you’ll make it to the top. Probably. I went with my brother-in-law, who rowed crew for Rutgers and can move a piano by himself. He’s a humble […]

When you go through a crazy season and need to regroup, how do you find your bearings? In our family we forged a set of shared waypoints — the five ideas we use to gain perspective and clarify what matters: It’s better to be than to seem. Love is stronger than will. Seek the truth. Take the long […]