Following Jesus • 20 / The Full Meaning of the Magi

Read This: Matthew 2:1-12 If you could travel back in time six hundred years before Christ you’d find Daniel in Babylon. Daniel was one powerful man. His wisdom and spiritual discernment made him the leader over the most influential group of advisors in the ancient world — the magi.   The magi were experts in science,Continue reading “Following Jesus • 20 / The Full Meaning of the Magi”

Following Jesus • 19 / Paying Attention

Much is said about Jesus’ low-key birth. Small-town parents, strangers in Bethlehem, no vacancy, sleeping in the stable. Mary and Joseph were nobodies from nowhere. Unnoticed. But Jesus’ birth was no secret. The birth of John the Baptist six months prior was “talked about through all the hill country of Judea” (Luke 1:65-66). And sinceContinue reading “Following Jesus • 19 / Paying Attention”

Following Jesus • 18 / He Knew Jesus Before He Met Him

Read This: Luke 2:28-38  Imagine you’re fascinated by the end times. You spend years studying Daniel, Revelation, and all the other prophetic books. As your understanding grows, you see what’s coming. You understand how world events are lining up for history’s finale. One day God’s Spirit directs you to a certain place. He reveals thatContinue reading “Following Jesus • 18 / He Knew Jesus Before He Met Him”

Following Jesus • 17 / The Old Man

Read This: Luke 2:25-28  Picture Mary and Joseph as a young couple leaving town for the big city. It’s time to dedicate their baby at the Temple. As they make their way through the crowds, an elderly man approaches them and reaches out to hold their Baby. The man is Simeon, and he has a reputation.Continue reading “Following Jesus • 17 / The Old Man”

Following Jesus • 16 / The Righteous Baby

Read This: Luke 2:22-24  Legal protocol requires more than one witness to confirm a matter. That’s why Luke takes time at the beginning of his gospel to feature several righteous witnesses. Several to verify the matter, and righteous to establish their testimony as reliable. Why such attention to verification? Think about the claims Luke wasContinue reading “Following Jesus • 16 / The Righteous Baby”