Following Jesus • 16 / The Righteous Baby

Read This: Luke 2:22-24 

Legal protocol requires more than one witness to confirm a matter. That’s why Luke takes time at the beginning of his gospel to feature several righteous witnesses. Several to verify the matter, and righteous to establish their testimony as reliable.

Why such attention to verification? Think about the claims Luke was making! Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He’s the Messiah. He was conceived in a virgin through the power of the Holy Spirit. He is God in human flesh. He’s the Redeemer. He came to save His people from their sin.*

These are unprecedented claims. That’s why Luke presents multiple witnesses for confirmation. Up to this point we’ve heard from Zacharias, Elizabeth, Joseph, Mary, and the shepherds. Now Luke returns to Joseph and Mary, establishing their righteous character by showing their adherence to the law:

These character references do two things — they demonstrate Joseph and Mary’s righteous character, and they show how Jesus Himself kept the whole law. That’s because Jesus didn’t come to nullify the Law, but to fulfill it (Matthew 5:17). To keep it perfectly (which we can’t do) so His righteousness can be applied to our accounts. 

Jesus kept the entire law from birth . . . so we can be saved.

* For more on this, see the MacArthur New Testament Commentary, Luke 1-5, pages 165ff.

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