Freezing Cub Scouts

When you walk in the city you wear earbuds and seldom see people. They’re all around, but you don’t really see them. Which is why I was so moved by this story from an old friend.

Last Friday afternoon, I realized we didn’t have all the ingredients we needed for the “build your own burrito” event we were hosting. That meant a quick run to the store.

Now, there’s a pricey little store two blocks from our house, and a huge discount store six miles away. Not one to waste hard-earned money, I opted to save a few bucks at the six-mile store.

If there’s one thing I love about grocery shopping, it’s plastic bags. You can carry ten bags of groceries in one load. Just hook a bag on each finger and waddle off like Santa Claus.

As I was leaving the store, I ran straight into two small boys. They were wearing Scout uniforms and staring up at me with boxes of popcorn in their hands. This reminded me of three very important things:

1. I just drove six miles to save five bucks.

2. I’m holding ten bags of groceries.

3. I hate popcorn.

Still, you know what I did. I lowered my bulging bags to the cement — ignoring the items that spilled out and began rolling toward the parking lot — and reached into my pocket for ten dollars.

It’s not easy standing in the cold on a Friday afternoon asking strangers for money, so I felt honored to support them in their small act of service. After all, I’d rather invest my money in kids than donate it to the owners of an over-priced convenience store.

What a great way to view an “interruption.” The next time I’m out, I’ll do my best to look for one.

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