The power of sincerity

Back in 1999 a friend and I visited Lorne Sanny, long-time president of The Navigators, in his Glen Eyrie office. The conversation was deep, rich, and full of stories.

One story recently came to mind. We asked Lorne about spiritual maturity — what it looks like and how it develops.

Sincerity,” he said. “Take the case of Daws (Dawson Trotman, founder of The Navigators). One of the biggest things about Daws was that he took God seriously. If he went to a meeting and the speaker said God wants us to have a heart of compassion, he’d park his motorcycle in a grove of trees on the way home and beg God for a heart of compassion. He decided if God said something, He meant it and was strong enough to fulfill His promises.”

What have you heard God say in recent weeks? How is He nudging, inspiring, or convicting you? Don’t let it rest. Park your motorcycle in a grove of trees and beg God for that thing, expecting Him to fulfill His promises.