You know what I need

For one full year I rode a Honda ST1100 to work. All year. Six sweaters in winter and a yellow slicker for rain.

One day, friends invited us for dinner. Though it was pouring, I rode there straight from work, dry as a dustball in my bright yellow rain suit. The problem was, these friends lived in a rustic neighborhood. Deep woods and dirt roads. Muddy roads.

All things considered, I got pretty far before dropping the bike. I was turning into their driveway.

My first thought: Did anyone see me?

My second thought: This will be expensive.

My third thought: How am I going to pick this thing up?

Righting a 600 lb. motorcycle is not like hoisting a watermelon. It’s more like lifting a piano. Thankfully . . . a friend had told me how to do it.*

And that’s the point. Nearly every helpful thing we know about following Jesus we’ve learned from others. Books, mentors, parents, pastors, friends, conferences, teachers — where would we be without one another?

That’s why it’s OK to pass along wise insights and helpful experiences. It’s a great way to love one another.

*You face away from the bike, crouch down with the small of your back against the seat, grab the seat from behind with both hands, and stand up while leaning into the bike . . . being careful not to flip it over. Pretty sweet. And may you never need to know that.