Getting parents and others involved — 2

Groups work best when youth staff, parents, and volunteers join forces. Here are several ideas to keep in mind as you build a team:

Six verses in Ephesians — Read Ephesians 4:11-16. It says a group grows healthy when many members invest. Pray this passage to God. (I like to read it aloud and point to it like Hezekiah did in Isaiah 37:14-17.) Ask God to send enough partners to nurture solid growth in your students.

Bite-sized Commitments — Some of the investments we ask volunteers to make seem endless, like a “forever trap.” Use one-time events and short-stint involvements to help people explore their gifting and grow into the vision.

Clear Assignments — Youthworkers move fast. This leaves volunteers unclear on what they’re supposed to do. Either force yourself to get specific, or partner with an administrative person who will produce clear job descriptions.

Recruit Parents with Parents — When I was a young youth pastor, I sometimes felt threatened by parents. Their age and experience fed my insecurity and made me uncomfortable asking for help. That’s when I discovered the power of parent advocates. Those who owned the vision and would happily bring other parents into it. (Note: this assumes a vision. Important.)

More tomorrow. Also, check out chapters 9 and 10 of YOUthwork.