How kids raise parents

The bumpy world of rearing adolescents offers a unique opportunity for parents to grow. It’s one of the rare times in life when the enchantment is lifted, the spell is broken, and truth is out in the open. Here it is:

It’s what we do with our own lives that makes the difference. Parenting power comes from modeling. From demonstrating how to live. Become the person you want your kids to become.

Most kids, as they become adults, draw the same lines as their parents. How we want our kids to live falls upon us as parents. The formula?


So the next time you’re wrestling through power struggles or communication breakdown, step into the situation as you’d want them to. Respond as you wish they would. Grow wise as you’d want them to be wise. Love as you long for them to love.

Your kids may turn out to be the best parents you ever had.