Five Waypoints

The older you get, the more often you’ll be asked for “life wisdom” advice. Here are five “waypoints” I’ve collected that stand the test of time:

1. It’s better to be than to seem
Be honest with yourself and don’t pose for others. Authenticity brings strength and clarity to life and relationships.

2. Love is stronger than will
If you try resisting temptation because “you should,” you’ll have to try again. Then resist it because you know yielding will damage someone you love. This shifts the challenge from “saying no” to cultivating love. It’s the strongest influence on earth.

3. Seek the truth
How many of our conversations, reactions, allegiances, and decisions are based on things we hear or assume? Too many. Don’t play the victim. Look for the truth in everything. Chart your life by what’s true, not by assumptions, hearsay, excuses, or other people’s actions.

4. Take the long view
Make decisions that will matter ten years from now. And seventy years from now. And one million years from now. Because you’ll still be alive then . . .

5. Remember the goal
When you pass from this life to the next and stand face to face with Jesus Christ, there’s only one thing you want to hear: Well done My good and faithful servant. That is the goal of life.