How would Jesus resolve this one?

We encourage students to do what Jesus would do. Good idea, and not a bad exercise for adults either. For example . . .

A friend told us about a lose-lose situation at his church. 

An older church that’s no longer thriving, they own tons of property from their glory days. So much property the daycare next door uses the grassy area behind the church for employee parking. For free. They’ve been parking there for years. 

However . . . 

The church is running a budget deficit of $20,000. While brainstorming solutions, one of the elders suggested charging the daycare for parking on church property. A unanimous vote followed and they informed the daycare of the new plan.

The daycare director said little, but her husband went ballistic. An outrage! Not going to pay! Calling in the press to give the church a bad name! How dare they!

Now the church has a mess on its hands. Should they force the issue by erecting a fence or towing cars? Drop the issue and let a loudmouth strong-arm them into submission? Send monthly invoices and see what happens? Donate the property to the daycare?

Get past the bravado — and whether charging rent was a smooth move in the first place — and it comes to this: the church represents God’s reputation and there’s a mess to clean up. 

How do you think Jesus would resolve such a situation?

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