The wrong enemy

Trivia question: When the United States entered World War Two in Europe, who was the enemy? (Hint: They didn’t speak German. Or Italian.)

Those first few battles were against . . . the French.

Looking back, this makes no sense. Even then it made no sense. The Germans invaded France and subordinated the French to their will and purposes. The Germans were their enemies. Still, the Vichy French were in league with the Germans, so they were at odds with the United States.

Humans have never been clear on loyalties. Remember this when students side with darkness against friends and allies, wisdom and love. The heart is deceitful, sin is deceitful, and the Enemy is deceitful. Beyond God’s grace we don’t know any better.

If the students you love are fighting the wrong enemy, don’t hold it against them. Keep on loving, praying, and doing them good in Jesus’ name.