If you were Jesus

Let’s say you were Jesus, come to earth as the Messiah. The Redeemer.

Born at the appointed time and place, as prophesied, to a virgin prepared by angelic visitation, and confirmed at the Temple by Simeon and Anna on your eighth day, your life is the focal point of scriptural anticipation.

Not to mention all the miracles and prophesies surrounding your cousin, “Elijah,” who preceded you by six months.

When your “time” finally arrives and you begin to demonstrate that you are the Son of God, the Messiah, sent into the world to save the world — how would you do it?

Would you tell people you are God? Perform signs and wonders? Demonstrate your authority over the world, the flesh, and the Devil? Go about doing good? Confront evil? Teach the ways of God? Live perfectly? Quote and explain all the scriptures that point to you?

What more would you do?

Read the gospels objectively and notice how duh-obvious it is that Jesus is the Christ. Then notice how few actually believed. We all come to the table blinded by our assumptions and expectations. Especially students, who absorb unbelief 24/7 in the form of school, peers, and media.

Spiritual awakening is miraculous. Always has been. That’s why the best move you can make for your group is to recruit a team to pray for your students. How else will they see the obvious?