The gift of arrogance

We sat in a classroom filled with students yesterday. The missionary up front was telling adventure tales from his work in the Middle East. God doing miracles and people discovering Christ. We were spellbound.

We were also unaware that someone was trying to get into the room, but the door was locked. And since we were sitting in the end seat of the front aisle, it was our role to open the door.

But, being engrossed, we missed the cue, and a student pushed around us with much eye-rolling and deep sighing. He opened the door with drama and cast us a withering glance. Adults are so lame.

It happened twice.

Time to don the “O is for Oblivious!” sandwich board.

Confession: It hurt our feelings. No one enjoys being made a fool.

Confession Two: We are guilty of arrogance. Every day.

A taste of arrogance is good medicine. If we see that student today, we’ll thank him. With a bone-crushing handshake.

Just kidding.

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