A Student’s Perspective / Leadership

Giving leadership to students is tricky business. A student recently emailed us about a volunteer who did a great job letting her lead. Here’s what she had to say:

I lead a student worship team. One girl has opinions about everything. The song should sound this way, the words should look like this, the guitarists should strum like so . . .

Recently, she emailed the soundman about our female guitarist. She said the girl should be unhooked from sound because she lacks ability. She confidently stated that it would sound bad otherwise.

Her complaint was not only critical but a challenge to my leadership. The soundman — an adult volunteer — offered several reasons why we shouldn’t do this, then courteously directed her to ask the leader (me!) for the final word.

As a teenager, my opinion is sometimes ignored. When you’re in a position of leadership this is harmful. That’s why our soundman’s influence was so refreshing. He responded to the girl, and then reminded her that I was the leader.

When you give leadership to your teenagers, let them use it. Nine times out of ten you’ll see us pull through.

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