We work out in a world-class gym. It’s so nice that professional sports teams practice there.

There’s a curious thing, though. The men’s locker room hosts a population of little flies. They’re neither big nor fast — mostly they park on the wall and stay there. But enter the shower and you’ve got friends.

The guys used to grumble about them. Make comments about the janitorial help. You know the comments I mean. Why don’t they do something about this!?

Until, one day, some guy remembered he was a man. A person God put on this earth do take action. To make things happen. To own the situation. This guy walked into the shower room and slaughtered twenty flies. And twelve more the next day.

Pretty soon there’s a score card on the wall — how many flies did you kill today? Ten, twenty, thirty . . .

And now those flies are pretty much extinct.

Let’s always remind our young guys they’re men — and men are defined by action. After all, men love to hunt.