Society can give its young men almost any job and they’ll figure how to do it. They’ll suffer for it and die for it and watch their friends die for it, but in the end, it will get done. That only means that society should be careful about what it asks for.* When writing or publishing […]

We work out in a world-class gym. It’s so nice that professional sports teams practice there. There’s a curious thing, though. The men’s locker room hosts a population of little flies. They’re neither big nor fast — mostly they park on the wall and stay there. But enter the shower and you’ve got friends. The […]

Lust may deliver the kick of afterburners, but that doesn’t mean we’re automatic victims. Many men choose instead to harness their passions to applied righteousness. Here are several proven approaches for defeating monstrous temptations. 1. Work on your WANTER. It comes down to what you want, so pray frequently to want what’s right. The man […]

When you live by the Air Force Academy you watch flyovers all year long — and especially during football season. The skies are a source of wonder. Multiple turbofans? Four A-10s. Sudden thunder? F-15s. An increasing drone? C-130s setting up to land. One time we heard a strange whining noise. Scanning the horizon we saw […]