When you live by the Air Force Academy you watch flyovers all year long — and especially during football season. The skies are a source of wonder.

Multiple turbofans? Four A-10s. Sudden thunder? F-15s. An increasing drone? C-130s setting up to land.

One time we heard a strange whining noise. Scanning the horizon we saw nothing — until we looked straight up. Directly overhead, almost stationary, was a U-2 spy plane. It seemed remote, just hanging in the sky.

There was nothing remote about the F-111s, though. We had raced over to the stadium on a Saturday morning to watch the flyovers. With craned necks we were facing the sky where they usually came from, when an explosion of thunder nearly knocked us over. Blasting in from behind, so low you could see flames and smell fumes, those jets made every man in the stadium leap and shout. A straight-up adrenaline blowout.

That . . . is what lust is like. Full throttle with afterburners.

So what’s a young guy to do? When opportunities are everywhere, how can a young man keep his way pure?

Tomorrow we’ll consider seven ideas.



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