A Student’s Perspective / Looks Are Deceiving

Sometimes the appearance of high school students even scares me — and I’m one of them! Maybe it’s the boy with his jeans sagging way too low. Or the girl with zippers all over her pants and a screech of hot pink dashed across her spiky black hair. Honestly, even one abnormal thing is enough to stop friendly advances.

When I see someone wearing anything besides God’s given accessories, it intimidates me. Recently, I met a girl with earrings up one ear and down the other. To tell the truth, I was nervous engaging her in conversation. However, I quickly found she was neither unfriendly nor awkward. She was more than willing to contribute her side of the conversation.

I realized something that night. We all do our own thing to get noticed. Some of us talk louder. Some of us attach metal to our ears or spread color through our hair. We might even go crazy and do something harmful to get attention.

But we’re all saying the same thing. Love me.