Knowing God

I grabbed my phone yesterday and called an old friend. We hadn’t talked in years, but he knew my voice. Five seconds after “hello” we were chatting like old times.

It was easy — we know each other. We’ve lived together. I can picture him and he me.

It’s different with God. Once Adam sinned, God no longer walked among us. With God, we’re working with clues:

• We can see what He made.
• We can trace His involvement with Israel.
• We can read what He said about Himself.

But humans have this problem with objectification. We’re tactile. We like to meet, see, touch, and experience.

So God put Himself in our midst. As a Man, in the flesh, on the earth. Jesus Christ is God in a form we can know.

Two things about this. First, it’s crucial we get to know Him. Never stop reading the gospels. Second, He’s no longer in our midst. So what do we do now?

We’ll cover that next.