A Student’s Perspective / Getting Blessed

When was the last time someone unexpectedly cared about you?

In our large youth group, all of us struggle to find our identity. Between insecurity and cliques, this is hard to accomplish. That’s why, as a student, one of the most refreshing things I’ve ever experienced is someone coming up to me and genuinely caring about my life. Not just a quick question on the side, but a sincere concern for my welfare.

Even more exciting is when it’s an adult showing this interest. Adults struggle with how to talk to teenagers. They think we have our own language of grunts and shrugs. What they don’t realize is that if someone cares about us, the language barrier doesn’t matter. The care communicates loud and clear on its own.

Caring about someone is a blessing — to both of you. Be the blessing to one of us this weekend, and may you also be blessed.