Tactical or Strategic?

In the early moments of the classic 1970 movie, Patton, the famous General runs into the street and shoots at a plane with his pistol. That’s because the German air force seemed to be everywhere during the 1943 war in Africa.

At one point General Patton wrote a scathing letter to the head of the U.S. Air Corps. He demanded air support for his battles. The Germans were wreaking havoc — where were the American planes?

They were cutting off Axis supply lines and shipping lanes. In other words, they were strangling the enemy from behind rather than duking it out on the front lines. Consequently, soldiers were dying in battles for lack of air cover. But because of it, the war in Africa ended more quickly.

Which is better? Tactical support or strategic intervention?

As youth leaders we should plan for both. God can raise up volunteers gifted in “here and now” things, and others equipped to see the future. As always, pray the Lord of the harvest to send you laborers.