“Walk with me and work with me — watch how I do it.”

That’s Jesus Christ inviting us to follow Him (read it here). To learn how to live like He would in our shoes. What would that look like?

When you read about Jesus in the Gospels, you notice things like these. People were drawn to Him. Crowds followed Him around and felt safe in His presence. Even society’s outcasts.

He was kind to children. He served His followers. His words brought healing.

When challenged to condemn, Jesus offered grace. When tempted, He remained true. When hated, He loved. Though some were offended by His message, none could fault His conduct. Without self-interest, He cared only for God’s will and glory.

Jesus wielded authority over demons, disease, death, the weather, natural law, and every human limitation. When His followers were hungry and had to walk home, He fed them. Thousands of them. With bread that He created.

Jesus brought the kingdom of God to earth, and by its authority defeated all the enemies of humanity — Satan, sin, and death. He made peace with God possible for anyone who accepts it. And He invites us to follow Him. To walk and work with Him. To do as He does, by His strength, for His glory. That’s the meaning of life for all who follow Him.

Were Jesus Christ to walk in your shoes, how would His influence effect your family and friends? What difference would it make where you work or go to school? Try to picture it for a few minutes.

Deciding to be that person is the choice we were created to make.