“They began to recognize them as having been with Jesus.”*

Following Jesus Christ isn’t learning a new lifestyle, it’s becoming a different person. A person who does what Jesus would do by learning to think like Him. It’s not enough to know about Jesus. We have to understand Him — because He’s the only person who understands what’s real and true.

This is called discipleship. Spending time with someone to become like them. Listening, asking questions, and watching carefully. What is He about? Why did He say that? How did He do that?

When Jesus didn’t resist crucifixion, most people (then and now) took Him for a fraud. But disciples are not so easily thrown off. They look for clues. Why did He let that happen? Based on Jesus’ life (authority over everything, miracles galore, access to legions of angels, etc.), He could have avoided death. Why didn’t He?

That’s how disciples think. They dig in, sort through the Gospels, research the Old Testament, and learn to see what Jesus saw.

Which sets up a choice. Do I want to follow Jesus? Do I consider myself a disciple? If so, it’s likely I’ll be constantly learning from Him. In the Gospels, the Psalms, the Prophets, the Revelation, and so on. Because it’s not about knowing about Him. It’s about becoming like Him.

* Acts 4:13