Following Jesus is like singing a duet

It’s being in sync, reading the other, and thrilling to the beauty of shared expression. Choosing to trust, motivated by love. It’s a work of grace and an expression of faith — believing that the Person who created you has your greatest good in view.

Such a choice can’t be taken lightly. There are cautions in Scripture. References to conflict and rejection. Being taken as a fool, suffering harm, and embracing self-denial.

The book of Hebrews refers to such people as “those of whom the world was not worthy.” Their eyes were focused beyond the world, on their friendship with God. Following Jesus reminds us of what our hearts yearn for. It makes us generous with grace and mercy, because we’ve tasted both.

Learning to follow Jesus takes time. We have small children, jobs, stress, and headaches. Yet, these are the soil in which Christ-followers thrives. When, in the press of life we learn to love well, we are hitting the high notes.