The Christmas story in 3 minutes a day

Twice I’ve been deeply moved by a musical experience. Once when friends invited us to the Chicago Symphony and had us sit on the “Gray Terrace” just above the stage. Surrounded by the music, we witnessed the conductor’s energy and the explosive intensity of musicians at full throttle. The music came alive that night.

The other experience was in the dark, at a church, on Christmas Eve. The pastor made his final comments, quietly moved off stage, and the lights faded to nothing. We sat there wondering what’s this? Then, boom! Those loud, triumphal first notes of the Hallelujah chorus, followed by hundreds of people shooting to their feet, with image after image of classic paintings of Jesus Christ, from birth to ascension, flashing across the giant center screen. I will never forget that presentation.

And there’s one other experience I’ll not forget, also related to Christmas. It was working my way through the beginning chapters of the four Gospels, discovering the story behind the Christmas story. I think of it often, and especially during December.

Peering more deeply into the nuances surrounding Christ’s birth will add meaning to your next three weeks — so I’m going to repost them. They take about three minutes to read, and will add depth and consequence to the history we celebrate year after year.

Here is the link to the first one. And yes, it begins on Day 3.

Merry Early Christmas. : )