Following Jesus • 3 / Who is Jesus?

Read This: John 1:1-3

There’s more to Jesus Christ than people think. He’s not just a teacher, prophet, or martyr long dead.
Who is Jesus Christ? The apostle John opens his Gospel on this subject. Here’s what his first three verses say:

1. Jesus is eternal. He existed before the universe began.

2. Jesus lives with God in face-to-face relationship.

3. Jesus is God. He is one with God, the same as God, and fully equal with God.

4. Jesus created the universe, which includes time, matter, and life. Everything and everyone.

Deciding to follow Jesus Christ is a bold move. It’s a decision to learn from the Man who is God, and who created everything that exists. Does He know enough to field your questions? Is He deep enough to keep you fascinated? Is He strong enough to carry the greatest challenges of your life?
Action: Everything John writes about Jesus is fiercely challenged by society. Jesus as eternal, as God, and as the Creator — these claims are bold. Get alone and talk to Jesus personally. Tell Him you understand what these claims mean, and that you want to believe them. Every one of them.

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