Prayer and youthwork

We had a woman volunteer in September. She didn’t mean to, but there were five students without adult sponsors.

For months she met with those girls on Sunday mornings, talking with them, remembering their birthdays, and saying a short prayer. But not much happened. They weren’t a group. They didn’t bond.

So she prayed for them. A lot.

In February things picked up. The Winter Retreat came and some of the girls brought friends. Several met Christ, and a few doors were unlocked.

After the retreat she prayed even more. If only she could get them into the Bible. Teach them to grow. Encourage them.

The very next Sunday all the girls asked if they could come over during the week and learn about the Bible. No kidding.

Six random girls are now a group, encouraging one another to grow. Not overnight, but it didn’t take forever, either.

We have a God who responds to prayer.

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