Following Jesus • 10 / Jesus’ Mom

Read This: Luke 1:39-56 Day 9 brought Mary into the story. Imagine being fourteen, meeting an angel, and learning you’re having a baby — though you’ve never been with a man. Mary’s question (How?) was genuine, and the angel’s answer (God will be the father) was accepted (vs. 38). Mary didn’t ask for a signContinue reading “Following Jesus • 10 / Jesus’ Mom”

Following Jesus • 9 / Like no other baby

Read This: Luke 1:26-35 Mary was a young teen. (Think freshman.) She lived in a small town located near nowhere, and she was a virgin. Like most girls her age, Mary was already engaged to be married. Her future husband was the village carpenter, and the rest of her life was entirely predictable. Until Gabriel, theContinue reading “Following Jesus • 9 / Like no other baby”

Following Jesus • 8 / The setup

Read This: Luke 1:5-25 Malachi reads like a dead end to the Old Testament. The Jews are back in Jerusalem but their faith has dried up. Their prophet is dishing out stern rebukes, and when he stops talking . . . the line goes dead. For four hundred years. No angels, no prophets, no messengers,Continue reading “Following Jesus • 8 / The setup”

Following Jesus • 7 / Jesus’ right to rule

Read This: Matthew 1:1-17 and Luke 3:23-38 When you claim to be somebody you’d better have proof. Especially when it’s someone awaited for thousands of years. Today’s readings feature two lists of names — family trees — both proving Jesus to be who He claims to be.   Matthew was a Jew writing to Jews,Continue reading “Following Jesus • 7 / Jesus’ right to rule”

Following Jesus • 6 / What God is like

Read This: John 1:14-18 We can’t see God. Why? He’s spirit and we can’t see spirit. Plus, God is holy and we are impure. Toss a tissue into a fire and it burns in a flash. Just as fire consumes all that’s flammable, holiness consumes all that’s impure. That’s why we can’t enter His presence.Continue reading “Following Jesus • 6 / What God is like”