Following Jesus • 10 / Jesus’ Mom

Read This: Luke 1:39-56

Day 9 brought Mary into the story. Imagine being fourteen, meeting an angel, and learning you’re having a baby — though you’ve never been with a man. Mary’s question (How?) was genuine, and the angel’s answer (God will be the father) was accepted (vs. 38).

Mary didn’t ask for a sign to verify this shocking news, but she received one anyway. The angel revealed that Elizabeth, Mary’s elderly and infertile relative, was also miraculously pregnant — and due in three months.

The first thing Mary did was visit Elizabeth. Imagine how much they would have to discuss! When Mary walked in the door, Elizabeth’s child (John the Baptist) leapt for joy in her womb and the Holy Spirit prophesied about Mary through her. Two comments stand out:

Blessed among women are you — At that time, a woman’s status and significance was based on her children. Since Jesus would be the greatest child ever born, Mary was the most blessed of all women.

The mother of my Lord — The title my Lord declares Jesus’ deity. It was the title used for God.

These are bold statements addressed to a young girl, yet Mary was no ordinary girl. Though only fourteen, she knew the Old Testament from beginning to end. Her reply to Elizabeth — a song of praise to God (vs. 46-55) — is packed with Scripture. She quotes from fifteen Old Testament passages, including Hannah’s song of praise, psalms of God’s mercy, references to His work among the nations, and prophecies of promise to His people.

Jesus’ mom knew the Scriptures. She understood Who this Child was, and was prepared — even at fourteen — to rear up the Son of God. She knew the Word.


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