Following Jesus • 6 / What God is like

Read This: John 1:14-18

We can’t see God. Why? He’s spirit and we can’t see spirit. Plus, God is holy and we are impure. Toss a tissue into a fire and it burns in a flash. Just as fire consumes all that’s flammable, holiness consumes all that’s impure. That’s why we can’t enter His presence.

But He can enter ours.
God entered Creation as a man — Jesus. That’s what “we have seen His glory” means. Glory is the honor and good opinion that comes from seeing how wonderful someone is. Jesus “glorifies” God by revealing what He’s like. For example:

He’s full of grace. Grace is when someone thinks of you with favor. He is delighted to see you, extends kindness to you, and does good on your behalf. He does these things because he loves you.

He’s full of truth. Truth is what’s real, not just how things appear. Jesus Christ reveals what is true about God, life, the world, and you. When He says something, you can trust it.

John the Baptist testified that Jesus is higher than him and existed before him (even though John was older). Jesus existed before him because He’s eternal. John also points out that, although no one can see God, Jesus reveals Him to us. Look at Jesus and you see God. That’s why we’re following Him this year!
Action: It says Jesus is full of grace (vs. 17). Decide to view God as good, friendly, and delighted in you, not as a judge or angry parent. Practice this whenever you think of God or Jesus Christ.

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