Following Jesus • 4 / Why does John call Jesus the Word?

Read This: John 1:1-5

John refers to Jesus as the Word. Why? Because he was writing to Greeks and Jews. Greeks used “the Word” to describe the source of reason and order in the universe. Jews used it to refer to divine power and revelation. John wanted his readers to know the Word is more than a force or revelation. He is a person. God created the universe and revealed Himself to us through a person. Jesus Christ. [John 1:1-2; Colossians 1:15-17; Hebrews 1:1-5]

In Jesus we see what God is like because Jesus is God. He is the physical expression of God. [John 1:1-2]

This is also why John explains that Jesus had life. Not just physical life, but self-existent life. Only God is self-existent. He has no beginning or end. He is not dependent for survival on anything (like oxygen, food, or water). He is life. He is the source of life. Jesus was not created with the universe — He existed before the universe. In fact, He created the universe.

One of the metaphors Scripture uses to describe the broken relationship between man and God is darkness. When Adam rebelled against God the creation was plunged into darkness. Separation from God is darkness.

But God didn’t abandon His creation. He sent Jesus Christ — the Creator — into His own creation to reconcile their broken relationship. That’s why it says Jesus is the light. He reveals God. Darkness can’t overpower light. Picture walking into a dark room and switching on the light. In a flash the darkness is gone. The Light. The Life. The Word. By knowing Jesus we know God.

Action: Speak directly to Jesus again. Tell Him all the things today’s passage says about Him. Then tell Him how you personally will respond to His Light.