Dealing with attitude

Put a young guy in a fast car with good friends and thunderous music, and what does it spell?


Strutting, shoving, chest-butting, trash-talking, risk-taking, death-defying, arrogance-wreaking attitude. Attitude is influence. It commands a response and gets what it wants. (Or, sometimes, what it deserves.)

The funny thing is . . . it’s vapor. It neither endures nor adds equity. (Though it sure looks cool when the the New Zealand All Blacks show it.)

The goal of aging is to hone the strength of spirit behind attitude while exchanging the arrogance for faith and love. Most guys struggle with this transition, either fermenting (cynicism) or checking out (emasculation). The struggle to grow strong and wise is intense, but the prize is enduring influence. Good works that outlast you and good footsteps to follow in.

Attitude is raw material. Work with your guys to shape it so the beam of God shines brightly into the next generation.